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Prestige Cosmetic Artistry

Enhancement, Cosmetic, and Paramedical

What is the A. Magnolia Difference?
Enhancing the beauty that lies within.  We simply take what you have, and bring your confidence to light. There are many reasons to explore permanent makeup.  In childhood, we learned the feeling that came with playing in our mother’s beauty drawer and trying on anything we could get our hands on. The loveliness we felt and security in our beauty was overwhelming when catching a glimpse in the mirror. And as we grow, we refine our techniques, but still love cosmetics as much as when we were those little girls.  At A. Magnolia, we take the time to determine what best fits your needs and lifestyle.



A. Magnolia offers permanent makeup for many reasons; ranging from cosmetic to paramedical.   For women who prefer to wake up in the morning with their eyeliner, or those who have thinning eyebrows or perhaps lips that need defining, we can truly accent or restore color to the features you wish to renew.

As a nature of convenience, putting on our makeup each day can be time consuming and at times, frustrating to get “even.”  Permanent makeup can be a solution to save time, money and offer a boost of confidence. Whether for imperfect vision, shaky hands, a vigorous exercise routine or the natural aging process, permanent makeup is a solution to help resolve these issues we struggle with.  Since we were teenage girls being taught how to put makeup on, we felt that boost of confidence the moment that touch of pink hit our lips or that black splashed our lashes.  Now there is a way to have makeup that is not only safe and effective, but also beautiful and indulgent on our most featured assets every day without having to give it another thought.

Eyebrows are the focal point for the face.  Redefine your eyebrows, and frame your face with natural looking brushstrokes and choose a color that compliments your skin tones.

Enhance your eyes with classic or dramatic eyeliner or lash enhancement that will make your eyes appear larger and more defined.  Choose from soft browns, moss greens, deep blues, intense purples or dramatic black.

Lip Color
Renew your lip color or add a lip liner and enjoy the benefits of refreshed color.  Choose a color that will enhance your natural lip beauty that age may have faded.


CosmeticThough maybe hard and sometimes quite difficult to speak about, we go through things in our lives that leave us in need of restoration.  Permanent makeup can fulfill the loss of hair or pigmentation from illness, surgery, aging and genetic conditions.  Our goal is to lift your spirits, offer you a natural look and a positive outlook throughout life’s journeys.  We hope that throughout everything you are going through, A. Magnolia can offer you a solution to feel more like yourself again.

Scar Camouflage
Restore color to scars that have lost their pigment from surgery.  Flesh tones are matched to your skin color.

  • Facelift
  • Breast Lift
  • Tummy Tuck

Areola Re-Pigmentation
Treating the areola post reconstructive surgery.

Re-Pigmenting Brows
Post cancer patients, can experience thinning, loss of hair, or color change.

Alopecia Sufferers
Creating brows or eyeliner for people who genetically have no hair.

Restore pigment on various areas that has been lost due to the natural aging process.